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August 11th
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But the pleasant thing is to wake early, throw open the window, and lie reading in bed.

Edward Fitzgerald, from a letter to W. F. Pollock, May 3, 1840 (via litverve)

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August 4th
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Li Hui Photoraphy

Li Hui is a self-taught photographer who presents her work consists of photographs reflecting a very successful world sweet and sensitive. With images captured with film cameras, the artist seeks to preserve the memory of simple moments.  , ,

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July 25th
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"The Teenage Gaze" photographed by Petra Collins

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July 25th
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July 13th
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June 29th
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this is my new favourite thing in the world


this is my new favourite thing in the world

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June 22nd
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June 22nd
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June 8th
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i don’t drink plain milk

June 8th
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2,000 dollar bird warmer.

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